Welcome to my new website!

Hey guys! It’s nice to meet you all. Well, sorta meet you. Anyways, I just want to stop by and say “Hello” for now. I want to welcome you to my brand new website “Promote Shareware“. Now I just go by an alias which is Neko. You can read plenty about Neko over here. Anyways, the reason for this site is just to share with you guys some wares for all sorts of things. It could be about some simple software programs for computers that you can use for recording, mixing, or editing. That is probably what I will focus on the most with you guys for a start.

I’m actually pretty excited to share with you guys some of the cool softwares that you all can use since they’re all simple to use. Some could be for your kids or yourselves if you’re into some games. If you’re into music editing simple and interesting and you’re just getting started I can give you a simple editing tool I used myself when I had to edit something for school and something I played around with when I was bored.

All these wares are only as interesting as interested you are in them. If that made any sense. Like everything else, you won’t love it if you don’t enjoy it. These are interesting to me personally, but hopefully to some of you, you’ll find some of it as good information and interesting as well. Tomorrow I’ll tell you guys about the music editing tool that I used to use. Until then, I’ll be seeing you guys later.


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