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Welcome back guys. I’m gonna drop this first before I start with the whole post, but ┬ádepending how much of a gamer you really are you probably know the software that I’ll tell you guys. So bare with me, this software is for those that are casual gamers that just want something to do from time to time then I’ll probably talk about another software for all gamers.

Let’s get started, first I’ll tell you guys about emulators. It’s a software that you can have on your computer to emulate any game and any console you want all on your computer. I found it interesting and whenever I had no internet I get to use the emulator to pass time if there was nothing else to do. Good thing about emulators you guys can even play the old OLD super OLD console games. Yeah, for those classic games if you guys really want to play you can still play them. But if you’re really hard core, hate to break it to you but you won’t be having the console itself for collectibles.

Now how to get the emulator you want and what game there is a list that you can look at if you search for an emulator, just go to google and type the console you want and then type emulator for example (SNES emulator). That would be for the Super Nintendo emulator and then you can look up the games in the website it takes you to download the emulator, usually it comes with games that you can search in the menu bar that they have. If you guys need a link just click here, and then you can search for the emulator you want and the games you want on the right side. That is one of many sites you can choose from so do not worry you can still do the search the way I taught you.

Now for the other gamers that might be more hardcore. Here is for recording your gameplay and uploading them online or even streaming them. I use this program called OBS which is short for Open Broadcaster Software. Setting it up might take time but if you go to the twitch website they have a link to the OBS site to download AND instructions to use to set it up. It’s really simple and easy to set up you can even Youtube some instructions as well. So if you ever want to stream and/or record your gaming and try to be an internet star, go check out Until next time guys. I’ll be seeing you with more software you guys can use.

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